Seven Drops Education Tool Attempting To Get Marketers & Agencies To Focus On Total TV

Seven Drops Education Tool Attempting To Get Marketers & Agencies To Focus On Total TV
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The Seven Network has announced the release of a free educational content series to equip marketers and agencies with the skills to confidently navigate the new total TV landscape across linear broadcast and BVOD.

Seven are stepping in and taking television knowledge into their own hands with the three-part convergED video series that has been created to fill a knowledge gap in the industry on how brands can benefit from converged media planning and campaign tracking.

Presented by Seven’s head of converged audience trading, Alex Tansley (main image), the educational content aims to accelerate the growth of cross-screen trading in Australia to free up time for agencies to focus on strategic initiatives and create better outcomes for their clients.

Basically, the network wants people to start taking BVOD seriously and move away from being solely obsessed with overnight numbers.

Released today, Part 1 of convergED introduces total TV and focuses on the evolution of viewer behaviour and video consumption, looking at how audiences expect to discover, access and consume premium video content that meets their personal interests.

The video also investigates the growth of connected TV viewing and the critical changes VOZ will bring to Australia’s total TV industry and evolving advertising model.

VOZ, or Virtual Australia, is the foundation of Australia’s new total TV reporting standard. VOZ brings together broadcaster viewing on TV sets and connected devices – connected TVs, desktop/laptop computers, tablets and smartphones – to provide all-screen, cross-platform planning and reporting for Australia’s TV industry.

Part 2 of convergED, will be released on Wednesday, 31 August, and it will share key insights on how brands can benefit from converged trading across national linear broadcast and BVOD audiences.

The video will demonstrate how a converged approach unlocks consistent, and incremental audience reach to deliver better ROI and key outcomes for advertisers.

Part 3, will be released on Wednesday, 14 September, demonstrates the tangible ways total TV campaigns can be planned, bought, and measured in the modern video market.

Tansley said: “Converged TV trading is a game changer for our industry, and our new convergED video series is a direct response to market feedback around a knowledge and education gap across our industry in navigating the new total TV landscape.

“As Australia’s leading commercial premium broadcast, video and news network, Seven understands how converged buying offers a more effective, faster and easier way for advertisers to build brands with reach, impact and relevance across metropolitan TV, regional TV and digital markets, and we are committed to enhanced advertising and viewer experiences of, to which converged total TV is a key.”

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