Good SEO Will Revolutionise Your Online Business: Here’s How

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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a complex but crucial tool for ensuring that potential customers can access businesses’ websites by increasing both the quantity and quality of web traffic reaching a site.

 This is done through a variety of techniques that range from copywriting and web design, to crafting a sophisticated network of backlinks to improve a site’s page ranking and usability.

By prioritising user experience, SEO tools ensure that visitors are not just driven to a website, but that they also want to stay there. This, combined with strategies to ensure that sites appear on Google’s first page, help create a business that is relevant, accessible, and ultimately successful.

Reliance on search is prominent for Australian consumers, not least because of COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdowns, when reliance on online services became the norm.

The pandemic has made it increasingly important for businesses to be as visible as possible on search, which can only be achieved through SEO.

Bali Villa Escapes, a villa management agency aimed at Australian and New Zealand consumers, saw sales increase by over $1 million in less than two years after implementing SEO strategies.

They were an infant start-up without much budget trying to compete in an oversaturated online market. After employing the services of SEO Sydney Experts, Bali Villa Escapes increased its marketing share by more than four hundred and fifty per cent and generated over 40,000 unique visits per month.

Good SEO requires a multi-tiered strategy, which combines content, keywords, and web design.

For Bali Villa Escapes, SEO Sydney Experts focused on web design, specifically maximum conversion rates, and established trust through monthly blog posts and managing online reviews on Trustpilot.

Now, two years on, Bali Villa Escapes has become one of Australia’s largest villa booking websites.

Steven Walberg (pictured below), founder of Hopping Mad and SEO Sydney Experts emphasised that a multi-layered strategy is crucial.

“If you are planning to have a successful SEO campaign, you cannot rely on backlinks alone. You need to have all your online marketing strategies implemented at the same time – like content writing, social media and, above all, conversion-focused landing pages.”

There must be a synthesis of off-site and on-site approaches, but many SEO companies focus explicitly on one or the other.

Off-site includes strategies like link-building, something SEO Sydney Experts specialises in. Link-building is when a website has a network of links to other sites, such as articles or reviews featuring your content. A good SEO specialist will work with sites that are relevant to your industry to publish content from your site and build trust.

While link-building is one of the most difficult and time-consuming elements of SEO building, it is also the most rewarding.

On-site strategies rely on ensuring that the website itself is appealing, easy to navigate, and intuitive to use. This is particularly important as when users spend longer on a website, the more valuable it becomes as a deposit for information.

Google is more receptive to websites where users spend more time clicking through options and reading deeply. This is why SEO requires more than just a ‘get on the first Google page’ approach. To maintain good rankings, users also have to stay on the site.

Every website needs a unique SEO strategy depending on what they may be struggling with. For SEO Sydney Experts, creating a bespoke plan is a five-step process.

The first is home page analysis, where they assess whether people are clicking on the site’s tabs through to revenue-driving pages.

Second, the key pages of the site and updated and fine-tuned on the back of analysis assessing how long people spend on the page.

Third, SEO Sydney Experts create engaging, fast-to-load graphics to improve both the look of the site and the user experience.

Fourth, they assess the mobile-friendliness of the site. Consumers are increasingly using their phones to search, so having a site that is only accessible to desktop users is limiting.

The final stage is refining the site by removing all irrelevant content and graphics.

What this achieves is a sleek, easy-to-use website that, combined with off-page strategies and keywords, is ideal for Google’s first page and user engagement.

Indeed, SEO Sydney Experts have successfully led to fifty-seven websites ranking on page one of Google. Reviews of their service, which has four-point-eight stars on Google, include one customer whose business declined over COVID-19. Thanks to SEO Sydney Experts, they were able to see improved results in two months.

One of the most important offerings is white label SEO, where ad agencies and marketers work with SEO providers to outsource SEO work for the agency’s clients.

For Walberg, “if you have clients that need SEO or want to improve their rankings but you don’t have the tools or technical know-how, then white label SEO is the perfect option.”

“It’s a win-win for both of us. You help the client, and we help you!”

Delivering SEO on this level means a significant return on investment for clients.

Sydney SEO Experts offer a free SEO audit, which assesses whether the on-page content of a site is limiting its Google capabilities by being in violation of the engine’s guidelines.

According to Google, when a site is not listed on their index, it is often because the site’s design has made it difficult for Google to search, or crawl, through, or the site isn’t well connected to other sites on the internet.

This again consolidates the importance of on and off-page strategies – backlinking and website usability are both equally important for SEO.

Having an SEO audit analyses issues like content, speed, bounce rates, and URL structures, and flags ones that might be hindering search engine ratings.

Poor SEO practises can lead to reduced visibility of a site, or even lead to it being penalised by Google.

Discover how Sydney SEO Experts can help ensure that your website is doing the most it can for your business here.

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