Seeing is Believing: Inside the World of Content Marketing

Seeing is Believing: Inside the World of Content Marketing

Discover the key trends and thoughts on the business of content marketing, as Getty Images reveals the first issue of its digital magazine.

Content marketing is all around us. In fact, this post is content marketing. So are videos, supermarket magazines, blogs, branded games. These are just some examples that constitute the array of different digital and physical formats audiences engage with every day.

Here at Getty Images Australia, we’ve curated some of the key trends, thoughts from the industry, examples and published them via Flipboard into a comprehensible digital magazine.



Our dedicated trend report, Curve shares strategies, insights and visual trends that can enhance how you market your brand. For example, we’ve compiled five key campaigns which use visual storytelling archetypes to engage audiences.




The first issue of the digital magazine is available for download to your mobile device or it can be read online.

To browse a selection of creative images suitable for use in Content Marketing, click here

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