Seedooh Begins International Expansion With LUMO In New Zealand

Seedooh Begins International Expansion With LUMO In New Zealand

Australian-based out-of-home (OOH) reporting platform Seedooh has announced its first international business deal through a formal contract with New Zealand OOH operator LUMO Digital Outdoor.

The deal will enable LUMO to provide independently verified, connected and standardised campaign delivery reports to its customers in almost real time via Seedooh’s Media Owner platform.

Seedooh founder and CEO Tom Richter (pictured above) said: “LUMO is one of the most progressive OOH businesses we have encountered internationally, and Seedooh will bring significant value to LUMO’s strategic ambition by simplifying a critical piece of the out-of-home puzzle.

“Their customers will have complete confidence that their campaigns are delivered as expected, no matter how complex the delivery parameters. Any discrepancies will be immediately apparent, so they can be rectified quickly.

“We will also bring significant efficiencies for the LUMO team, as they are effectively outsourcing to an automated technology solution in the complex area of OOH reporting.”

Phil Clemas, co-founder and chief executive of LUMO, said verified and independent reporting data had become a critical component of the future for confidence in the OOH industry.

“We have a progressive mindset and we are driven to make the most of the opportunities that Digital OOH presents to marketers and agencies,” he said.

“Teaming with Seedooh allows us to accelerate our business based on reliability, whilst helping to lead the NZ OOH sector towards the future.

“We recognise that flexibility and dynamic content will increase display-time complexity and the need for us to provide confidence that we are delivering what we have sold, regardless of location, time, audience or dynamic trigger for a specific message or campaign.

“Seedooh will connect, verify and automate our display reporting on all our campaigns, so we can firstly confirm what occurred and then work more closely with our customers on achieving better, more effective campaigns.

“This we expect will become the new benchmark in advertiser expectation of display accountability.”

Seedooh has a worldwide alignment with PwC to bring impartial third-party verification of OOH data.

The platform provides OOH campaign delivery reporting for both classic and digital OOH, and is already connected to source data from most OOH media owners in Australia.

Seedooh is available in two formats: Seedooh for Media Owner, which is currently in place with JCDecaux and oOh!media; and the Seedooh for Agency/Advertiser platform, which verifies, standardises and aggregates campaign data for all formats, from all connected media suppliers.

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