Second Instalment Of Rudd-Gillard Spat Proves A Winner For The ABC

Second Instalment Of Rudd-Gillard Spat Proves A Winner For The ABC

Last night’s second part of the ABC’s The Killing Season has pulled in 968,000 metro viewers according to OzTam official figures.

Last week’s first instalment highlighting the bitter feuding in the federal Labor government under Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard from 2007-2013 pulled in 986,000.

And last night’s episode was hardly welcome news for Bill Shorten’s aspirations. It was revealed he was one of the key conspirators to unseat Rudd when he was PM and Labor insiders have labelled him utterly untrustworthy.

Last night’s program featured Gillard adviser Gerry Kitchener who said Shorten was desperate to get rid off Rudd and a strong backer of Gillard to take the prime ministership back in 2010.

Kitchener said that Shorten had said to him “Gerry, we’re all f..ked if she doesn’t do this”.

Strangely, Shorten switched camps in 2013 and backed Rudd when he regained the leadership just prior to the party being removed from office by the Abbott government.

The Sarah Ferguson documentary again suggests that Gillard didn’t conspire to topple Rudd but was pushed to do so by factions inside the Labor machine. However, Kitchener said Gillard didn’t say no when the idea was put to her.

The doco revealed that two days before Rudd was toppled, Gillard emailed the then Prime Minister stating she felt the government was “incompetent” and would be wiped out at the next election.

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