Sandilands Savages Rivals Hamish & Andy In Latest On-Air Attack

Sandilands Savages Rivals Hamish & Andy In Latest On-Air Attack

Kyle Sandilands has savaged his radio rivals Hamish & Andy suggesting the comedy duo have all but given up following their retirement announcement.

Speaking on his KISS FM breakfast show yesterday, Sandilands was revelling in the news that he and on-air partner Jackie “O” Henderson had been nominated for nine Australian Commercial Radio Awards. Read the full list of nominations here.

“That’s like Adele at The Grammys,” Sandilands gloated before turning his attention to rivals Hamish Blake and Andy Lee, who present their national drive show on Southern Cross Austereo’s Hit Network.

Sandilands went on to ridicule the duo for their two nominations despite the fact they’d actually been nominated for four.

“Yeah well, they deserve two,” Sandilands said. “They are prerecorded most of the time and they’ve thrown the hat in.”

The jibe apparently intended at Blake and Lee’s decision to quit radio for a year’s sabbatical at the end of 2017.

Jackie O then pointed out that the duo had been incredibly successful during their time doing radio.

“Isn’t it weird though,” Kyle said, “that we’ve been around for so long and we’ve seen so many shows come and go. Why would you ever leave radio?”

“They’ve got TV as well, they’ve got their True Stories (on Nine),” she said before both confessed it was a show they’d never watched.

Sandilands adding: “I could think of nothing worse than having some boring lady sit down and tell me a story and then they cutaway with some B-list actors redoing it. I avoid those stories at BBQ’s let alone sitting down watching them on TV.”

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