Sandilands On Worner: It’s “Fine To Fiddle Around With Someone That Works For You”

Sandilands On Worner: It’s “Fine To Fiddle Around With Someone That Works For You”

The board aside, embattled Seven CEO Tim Worner has found an unlikely ally in none other than Kyle Sandilands over his very public spat with former mistress Amber Harrison.

Sandilands has used his breakfast radio show on ARN’s KISS FM to suggest it’s perfectly fine for colleagues to have sexual affairs, even if it’s between the CEO and a PA.

On Wednesday, Sandilands told listeners: “I don’t even think it is a wrong thing,” he said of the Worner affair.

“I think if you can’t – I took a note out of Clinton’s book – if you can’t fiddle around with someone that works for you who can you fool around with?” he said.

However, Sandliand’s co-host Jackie O quickly shot back: “Just because you get them to work for you doesn’t mean they have to work for you.”

Sandilands countered: “Everyone has got their own opinion. Lights are flashing, Jackie is shaking her head.”

The comments following on from revelations last week that one of the prime reasons the Seven board has backed its embattled CEO for so long was concerns he’d jump ship to bitter rival the Network Ten. Reports say by standing by Worner, the board was more concerned with stability and profits than personalities.

Meanwhile, Worner’s former mistress, Amber Harrison, tweeted on Monday her relief that the new media reforms, which had seen the share price of media companies surge, had taken media interest away from her.

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In late April, a judge ordered Seven and Harrison into mediation. Although there has been no reports of this happening.

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