Saltmine Designs New Look For Purina PetCare’s TOTAL CARE Range

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Sydney brand design agency, Saltmine Design Group, has announced the redesign of two ranges for Nestlé Purina PetCare’s TOTAL CARE brand.

Nestlé Purina PetCare believed the TOTAL CARE Shampoo grocery range was missing critical opportunities to engage its shoppers and create impact on shelf. The category had seen new entrants providing more premium products and more choice and as such, TOTAL CARE Shampoos were deemed ready for an exciting new makeover on both packaging and product.

Saltmine was briefed to create a new visual identity for the TOTAL CARE Shampoo range to better communicate the benefits of each variant and create a stronger emotional connection with the shopper.

With this in mind, Saltmine began by developing a new label design to suit the new bottle structures for both the Lifestyle and Medicated shampoo ranges. The Lifestyle range bottles are reminiscent of those seen in the human shampoo category, with transparent areas to allow visibility to the product inside. Saltmine created a series of benefit driven variant names and bright variant colours that complement the liquid colours, allowing shoppers to quickly see the differences between each product in the range and to make selection easy.

The design of the Medicated bottles, made from an opaque material to ensure product stability, reflects that of the Lifestyle range to ensure range consistency but overall has a more scientific look.

The use of photography of happy, healthy pets, with lovely shiny coats creates engagement with pet owners and the pose suggests the pets are looking up at their owners in anticipation of bath time.

Saltmine saw an opportunity to hero the ingredients of each product to help create a link between the product benefit and reason to believe. Macro images of the key ingredients are highlighted in a circular device to bring them to life on pack.

The redesign highlights the TOTAL CARE key ingredients and benefits and provides consumers with an understanding of the key differences between each of the products in the range to help with selection of the right product for their needs. This is currently unique in the Pet Shampoo category.

Following on from the TOTAL CARE Shampoo redesign, Saltmine was briefed to create a new visual identity for the TOTAL CARE Toys range to inject a sense of play and excitement, whilst creating a sense of variety across the range.

Saltmine considered the different toy need states and brought them to life of pack by categorising the range into Entertain, Occupy and Comfort toys. These were expressed in a fun way through colourful backgrounds, playful fonts and illustrations of dogs at play.

Another notable change across both TOTAL CARE Pet Shampoos and Toys is the evolution of the PURINA TOTAL CARE brand logo to ensure it’s modern and relevant for the coming years. Saltmine evolved the logo by making it darker, more modern and simplified. They also introduced a new font for the word ‘care’ to make it look more approachable and reassuring, in line with the brand name and promise.

Both ranges are now available and there has been a very positive response from the trade to date.

Speaking about the new TOTAL CARE ranges, Nestlé Purina PetCare innovation manager, Mark Harris, said: “The new visual identity developed by Saltmine for the TOTAL CARE ranges allow us to take the brand into a more contemporary space and help us to achieve our longer term vision. The benefit led design solutions have greater impact on shelf and improved shopability. We’re excited to see the sales results in a couple of months.”

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