Salesforce unveils one-stop social content marketing tool, Social Studio

Salesforce unveils one-stop social content marketing tool, Social Studio

Global cloud computing company Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud has launched a new social media platform called Social Studio that will allow companies to synthesise and publish social media content in one place.

The new platform will combine the social media listening skillset of existing Salesforce platform Radian6 with the publishing expertise of Buddy Media, all on one platform to create a one-stop shop for content marketing, engagement, publishing and analytics.

Social media administration is maturing beyond the social media ‘ninja’ operating all social media and online engagement across an entire organisation said Derek Laney, director product marketing management at Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud.

Instead, Laney explained, each team and individual is taking on the responsibilities of social media management specific to that area of the company.

“In the past every part of the organisation is using something specialised for their needs, and it’s very difficult then to keep a content plan of what’s actually going out to market,” Laney told B&T.

“So the driving requirement for organisational planning tools is for a single content calendar for all these teams to work off, so when head of digital, or head of social, is thinking about what they are doing on their channels on a given week, they can look across at what all the different teams are doing.”

In order to address these changes, Social Studio is built to accommodate both enterprise scale and ease of use. The calendar format of Social Studio allows users to schedule outgoing posts and monitor social media engagement systematically.

One of the key new features of the platform is the search-based partner network function, which will allow companies to find and share relevant material from around the web.

Salesforce have piloted Social Studio to existing customers in Australia since December last year, and as of today is fully available and free for all current Radian6 and Buddy Media customers.

The launch comes at a key moment in social media management, with consumer engagement on the rise and most companies looking to expand their social media teams. A marketing study conducted by Salesforce earlier this year found that 86% respondents believed social efforts will or do provide return on investment.

Social Studio's launch partners include Getty Images, Shutterstock, Rallyverse, Trendpottr, Kontera, Pressly and ShopIgniter.

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