Salesforce Puts Emphasis On Inclusive Marketing

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Salesforce has called on its partners to be “thoughtful about the messages, images, voices, and values that represent their brands” as part of an inclusive marketing push.

The technology company has outlined six inclusive marketing principles, urging its partners to consider abiding by them.

They are:

  • Start with tone
  • Be intentional with language
  • Ensure representation
  • Consider context
  • Avoid appropriation
  • Counter-stereotype

“Salesforce defines inclusive marketing as creating content that truly reflects the diverse communities that our companies serve,” said leader of Salesforce’s equality narrative and content team Alexandra Legend Siegel.

“It means that we are intentional about elevating diverse voices and role models, decreasing cultural bias, and leading positive social change through thoughtful and respectful content.”

The initiative is a way for Salesforce to put some of its research into action.

The company recently commissioned a study that found 90 per cent of consumers believe companies have a responsibility to improve the state of the world and 87 per cent believe companies have a responsibility to advocate for human rights.

“At Salesforce, we are committed to driving Equality in our workplaces and communities and that is why Equality is a core value that guides us in everything that we do,” said Siegel.

In terms of what ‘inclusive’ marketing looks like, Salesforce suggests we start “reimagining” stereotypes of what a CEO, athlete or love might look like.

Siegel also called on partners to conduct a review into any marketing materials that could be problematic.

“Our steps include: putting on our equality glasses by looking at everything through the lens of the principles, having a diverse review panel, seeking input when in doubt, creating space for inclusive and anonymous feedback and prioritising accessibility,” she said.

“It’s important that we strive to create workplaces that reflect society in order to have diverse content creators and review panels. It is equally important to create workplaces where everyone feels safe, valued, heard, and empowered to succeed as well as speak up.”

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