Salesforce Introduces Salesforce Einstein – Artificial Intelligence for Everyone

Salesforce Introduces Salesforce Einstein – Artificial Intelligence for Everyone

Salesforce has today unveiled Salesforce Einstein, bringing the power of artificial intelligence to every Salesforce user. 

With Salesforce Einstein, any company should be able to deliver more predictive and personalised customer experiences across sales, service, marketing, commerce and more.

“With Salesforce Einstein, we are delivering the world’s smartest CRM,” said Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO, Salesforce. “Einstein is now every customer’s data scientist, making it easy for everyone to take advantage of best-in-class AI capabilities in the context of their business.”

Welcome to the Artificial Intelligence Revolution

AI is creating new ways for people to engage with technology and with one another with various forms of AI already powering some of the world’s most popular consumer experiences. 

Apple’s Siri leverages natural language processing to recognise voice commands. Facebook’s deep learning facial recognition algorithm can instantly identify a person with nearly 98 per cent accuracy. And Amazon, Netflix and Spotify all utilise machine learning to understand how each item in their massive catalogs relates to the other and each customer’s preferences.

However, the technical expertise and infrastructure required to develop AI solutions are beyond the reach of most companies. They must bring together massive and diverse data sets, which often requires significant engineering resources to manage complex data integration processes. 

Specialised predictive models must then be built to extract value from the data and continuously learn from it, requiring extensive data science expertise. And infrastructure and devops support are required to maintain these models and keep all of these processes up and running. 

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, bringing results – the insights and recommendations from the models – to users within the context of their business requires complex integrations.

This is the gap Salesforce Einstein intends to fill with AI capabilities embedded across every Salesforce Cloud. Einstein leverages all the data in Salesforce—customer data; activity data from Chatter, email, calendar and ecommerce; social data streams such as tweets and images; and even IoT signals—to train predictive models. And because Salesforce has millions of users inputting information every day, it is uniquely positioned to deliver the best models for sales, service, marketing, commerce and more.  

Powered by advanced machine learning, deep learning, predictive analytics, natural language processing and smart data discovery, Einstein’s breakthrough innovations allow models to be automatically customised for every single customer. 

These models learn, self-tune and get smarter with every interaction and additional piece of data. Einstein will automatically discover relevant insights, predict future behaviour, proactively recommend best next actions and even automate tasks. Now every Salesforce user will be able to leverage AI capabilities to deliver more personalised and predictive customer experiences.

Marketing Cloud Einstein now includes Predictive Scoring which will score every customer’s likelihood to engage with an email, Predictive Audiences which will build custom audience segments based on predicted behaviours and Automated Send-time Optimisation which will predict the optimal time to deliver messages based on past customer behaviour.

Commerce Cloud Einstein includes Product Recommendations to personalise product recommendations to shoppers, Predictive Sort which will sort personalised search results based on likelihood to engage, and Commerce Insights that will help retailers understand product purchase correlation to power smarter merchandising and store planning.

Chris Orton, chief marketing and revenue officer for Fanatics, the global leader in licensed sports merchandise, said, “Salesforce Einstein gives us a smart, personalised and predictive way to connect millions of sports fans to hundreds of thousands of their favourite team and player items across more than 300 offline and online stores that we operate across our platform. The combination of AI and Salesforce CRM has been a game-changer, empowering our marketing organization to intelligently engage with fans through timely campaigns and relevant recommendations that transform the customer experience.”

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