Sacked Google Employee Gives First Interview Saying More Agree With Him Than Don’t

Sacked Google Employee Gives First Interview Saying More Agree With Him Than Don’t

James Damore, the Google software engineer sacked for writing an anti-gender diatribe about the company, has given his first face-to-face interview to YouTube personality Stefan Molyneux.

Damore apparently had been offered interviews by a number of major US media outlets, however, appears to have chosen Molyneux for his apparent pro-male, pro-white, anti-feminist views. Although Molyneux calls his channel the “largest philosophy conversation in the world”.

In the 45-minute exchange, that you can view below, Damore reveals he penned his 10-page manfiesto after attending a Google diversity program that he found “secretive” and “shameful.”

Damore has also said he intends to sue Google for false dismissal and for violating his free speech.

“I went to a diversity programme at Google, it was … not recorded, totally secretive,” Damore told Molyneux. “I heard things that I definitely disagreed with in some of our programmes. I had some discussions there, there was lots of just shaming, and ‘No you can’t say that, that’s sexist’ and ‘You can’t do this,'” he said.

“There’s just so much hypocrisy in the things they are saying. I decided to create the document to clarify my thoughts.”

Damore apparently penned his dossier on a 12-hour flight to China back in July and it leaked online over the weekend. Damore’s major argument was that women simply weren’t cut out to be a success in tech industries.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai described the document as “offensive” and “not okay” and Damore was booted from the company on Tuesday.

However, he told Molyneux that he’d gotten far more messages of support for his views than criticisms.

“There may be a lot of negative responses in the public. But very few of them actually send me messages. They just want to virtue signal to all their followers, ‘I’m a great person, I share your morals. This person is bad.’ But they don’t really want to have a debate on why I’m wrong, or even confront me, they just want to show how self-righteous they are,” Damore said.

“I’ve gotten a tonne of personal messages of support which has been really nice. I got that at Google before all of this leaked. Lots of upper management was shaming me,” he revealed.

Damore added that he didn’t think “female engineers are in any way worse than the average male engineer” and he merely wrote his document as a protest at Google’s perceived left-wing bias. “I really thought it was a problem Google itself had to fix,” he said.

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