Sabio Puts Work-Life Balance Of Employees On The Forefront

Sabio Puts Work-Life Balance Of Employees On The Forefront

Brisbane-based integrated marketing and communications agency Sabio have announced a number of initiatives that enhance the wellbeing of their workers by creating a greater balance between their professional and personal lives.

Among those initiatives are the introduction of a nine-day fortnight, an increase in work from home days, paid birthday leave, alongside a woman’s health, paid maternity and paternity leave policy.

Through their enhanced policies, Sabio aims to create an environment that supports employees, allowing them to work at times that are best for them, their family and clients – encouraging the team to bring their best selves to work.

B&T caught up with Sabio’s – recently appointed – general manager Lauren Faulkner, who shared her excitement about these new changes, pointing out that they’ll help create a better environment at work as people will want to come to the office.

“We know a lot of people will benefit from these changes. I personally like to wake up around 5am, hit the gym, then go to work at 7am while energised and ready to tackle the day – before heading home at 3:30pm as brain fog starts to settle in. I am much more effective and efficient working at times that best suit me, as are the team,” says Faulkner.

When asked about if there was any fear or skepticism regarding employees becoming complacent at work with these new policies in place, the Sabio General Manager responds confidently.

“No, absolutely not. I am proud of the exceptionally talented team we have at Sabio and we nurture a culture of trust. We are passionate about creating an environment that fosters positive work-life balance, without compromising on the exceptional client servicing we provide – and we’ve done just that.

Recently, Elon Musk turned many eyes in the industry with his decision to send an internal memo to all Tesla employees by which he essentially threatened them that if they don’t go back to their pre-pandemic work schedule from the office, they’ll lose their job.

Faulkner shows her strong opposition to this policy.

“Mr. Musk has accomplished many things in his career and he’ll probably go on to achieve even more but, on this point, I have to respectfully disagree with him,” says Faulkner.

“Sabio has undergone an exciting evolution in recent years and is continuing to pave the way as a people-first and results-driven agency of choice for both industry talent and clients – our enhanced work-life balance policies only further empower our clever people, ideas and campaigns,” she said.

Finally, Sabio’s general manager mentions the recent developments at the company.

“We were initially known as P4 Group. We merged with boutique communications agency Ruby Communications amid covid, where we grew by 12 people – before rebranding to Sabio late last year, a brand that is much more aligned with who we are now.

No matter what name they go by, it seems like they’re a great place to work, as they place the wellbeing of employees above all else.

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