Rugby Australia Unveils First Stage Of Rebrand Via Digilante

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A new era for Australian Rugby Union – now named Rugby Australia, or Rugby AU for short – has been announced with the unveiling of a fresh brand identity created by Sydney-based creative communications agency Digilante.

The agency was tasked with representing Rugby Australia’s progression to become a more relevant, inclusive and accessible sport that appeals to today’s broader and more diverse audiences.

The Rugby Australia brand evolution has been over a year in development and was delivered in time to support Rugby Australia’s move to a new, state-of-the-art corporate HQ in Sydney’s Moore Park.

Part of a broader organisational change, the new Rugby AU brand heralds an exciting new era, focused on making rugby a game for all, and represents the changing face of the game.

Eric O’Brien, executive creative director and co-founder of Digilante, said: “Reinventing such an iconic, long-standing organisation required a lot of listening and understanding to confidently propose a new identity that fans, stakeholders and participants alike would connect with.

“The rebrand needed to reflect a deep organisational change that is more significant than a corporate face lift. So, Digilante used the rebrand as an opportunity to restart a positive conversation around rugby and what it has to offer to individuals, teams and communities.

“Rugby AU represents not only the Wallabies and our elite national teams, but also the boys and girls, men and women of all shapes and sizes who are inspired to pick up a footy, have fun playing with others and experiencing the sense of belonging that rugby can bring.

“At its heart, we wanted to create a future-focused identity – one that embraces diversity and enables rugby to deliver on its objectives in appealing to future participants. Ultimately, it is about celebrating the human qualities of Australia’s great global game by showing rugby in a new light.”

The announcement precedes a larger, national launch of Rugby AU to the public, planned for early 2018 with the start of the new rugby season and junior registration sign-up.

In presenting a more consistent brand, Rugby AU is redefining its corporate structure and game formats to align under a new, more consistent brand family.

The new name and logo will be supported by a community-focused brand campaign that showcases individual stories across every level and highlights a shared narrative around how rugby is more than just a game.

The national launch will feature the full ‘Part of more’ brand TVC and a series of content stories told from the perspective of the rugby community. The launch will also include a website and social plan accompanied by a digital media strategy.

“The project is the result of an extensive body of research rugby conducted in 2016 and reflects the thoughts and ideas of a passionate Australian community,” O’Brien said.

“The research helped Rugby AU to better understand the many challenges their sport is facing in today’s rapidly changing landscape, and to focus on making rugby more accessible, more inclusive and more relevant from today into the future.

“As a result, the new identify departs from tradition by using vibrant new colours, and putting an emphasis on the ‘U’ and how rugby is for you. This idea sits at the centre of the Rugby AU logo concept.

“The unique ‘U’ shape underpins the branding for all the communications across every level of the game. It represents you, Australia, rugby’s union heritage and uniting people.

Bill Pulver, CEO of Rugby Australia, said: We are thrilled with our brand evolution that will be revealed over time.

“Our new identity embodies rugby’s shared vision to inspire all Australians to enjoy our great global game, and is the first step in our broader strategy to redefine rugby for future growth, with a message to all Australians that if they are part of rugby, they are part of much more than a game.”

Adam Freier, head of digital and communications at Rugby Australia, said: “Digilante have done a fantastic job in answering this brief. It’s a significant time for rugby in Australia, and there are a lot of positives for the growth of our game.

“We really wanted to highlight the sense of belonging and identity that can be achieved through rugby and communicate it in a culturally relevant way. I am looking forward to Australia seeing this rebrand as it continues to roll out early next year and inspire more Australians to play rugby.”

The rebrand represents an important new step towards a broader national initiative designed to reinvigorate rugby in Australia with the introduction of new initiatives for the growth of the game at every level.

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