Rudd And Gillard Tweet Best Wishes To Malcolm Turnbull. Clive Palmer Plain Mad!

Rudd And Gillard Tweet Best Wishes To Malcolm Turnbull. Clive Palmer Plain Mad!

As journalist Chris Uhlmann succinctly put it on the ABC’s coverage of last night’s leadership spill, Abbott’s downfall brings to an end arguably to the three most divisive politicians – Rudd and Gillard included – in Australian politics over the past decade.

Abbott, of course, was famed as opposition leader for playing a pivotal role in ending Rudd’s prime minstership (twice) and Gillard’s too.

So you’d think Abbott’s axing last night would bring nothing but delight from his two former Labor nemesis.

But not so, with both Rudd and Gillard tweeting their best wishes to incoming Malcolm Turnbull over night and ignoring Abbott completely.

Rudd, who’s presently on a speaking tour of Europe, tweeted: “Best wishes to Malcolm Turnbull on becoming Australia’s 29th Prime Minister.” Although the media is already comparing Turnbull to Rudd – popular with the electorate, wildly unpopular within his own party.

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 9.18.40 AM

Gillard – who was also tumbled by her own party in 2013 – also tweeted her congratulations to the incoming Turnbull.

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 9.17.48 AM

Clive Palmer also filmed a video of himself singing a farewell song to Abbott in the back seat of car yesterday afternoon (see above.)

“Goodbye Tony, goodbye. Goodbye Tony .. Tony time to go. Goodbye. Roll over, Malcolm’s hopping into bed,”  Mr Palmer says.

He sent the video, which was similar to previous clips he had made for Bronwyn Bishop and former Queensland premier Campbell Newman, to news outlets and politicians, after a single tweet saying simply: #Twidleytoo

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