Rogue Marketers Could Taint Advertising’s Next Frontier

Rogue Marketers Could Taint Advertising’s Next Frontier

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Much like the old loyalty card, notification marketing is all about rewarding consumers for repeat behaviour and ongoing patronage. At its best, notification advertising could use data to pre-empt your needs and then meet them with little effort.

Ping: A notification pops up on your phone.

Only it’s not a text message or a reply to that witty tweet you sent out a couple of minutes ago. It’s a message from your bank. By checking your GPS location and your spending details, it can tell you are at the airport and that you are just about to head abroad. It also knows that you have forgotten to exchange any currency nor informed your credit card provider that you are heading overseas.

The bank is offering to do both for you, and all it’s after is your permission.

Welcome to the next frontier of advertising. This isn’t a futuristic hypothetical, services like this already exist.

Unlike the US, Australia has so far been left relatively untouched by this new wave of personalised mobile notification ads. But as mobile ad spending continues to climb in Australia, it’s inevitable that more and more marketers will turn to notification advertising as a means to connect with consumers and build brand loyalty.

It’s nothing to be afraid of. In an uncanny way, this kind of marketing could be a win for consumers.

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