Rhonda and Ketut Get Nuked Nowra Style

Rhonda and Ketut Get Nuked Nowra Style

Sometimes true genius is too much for the world to recognise straight away. This is the only explanation that we can come up with as to why NukeM aren’t as famous as their false idols Rhonda and Ketut.

With a massive shout out to Junkee for bringing it to B&T’s attention, we would like to share with you, our beloved audience, on this third Friday of August 2014, The Saga of Rhonda and Ketut in its full three minutes and 12 seconds of magnificence.

NukeM is, if it’s possible you didn’t already know, the Nowra Ukulele Movement. They came up with simply wonderful tribute to AAMI’s glamour couple at the start of the year, first posting it to YouTube in February.

All the can say is that we’re sorry we didn’t bring this to your attention sooner. With a meagre 594 YouTube views when we posted this, let’s hope we can amp that up a little.

If we’ve left you hanging for more, then how about this little number NukeM came up with for Berry’s famous bum tree?

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