Revealed: The Top 10 Brands Of Brexiteers & Remain Voters

Revealed: The Top 10 Brands Of Brexiteers & Remain Voters

The vote divided the country and appears to have been a rancorous affair ever since, but now the top 10 favourite brands of Britons who voted “leave” and “remain” in June’s referendum have been revealed.

The poll was done by market research YouGov and was expected to be full of home-grown brands for the “leaves” (think Marmite and Marks & Spencers) and European-loving brands for the “remains” (think Adidas and Eurovision.)

And, the fact is, the results did follow the clichés. Exit voters were considered to be patriots, whiter and older, while the “Remains” were reportedly much younger and had a more global outlook on life.

So how did the vote fall?


  • HP Sauce
  • Bisto (instant gravy)
  • ITV News
  • The Health Lottery
  • Birds Eye
  • Iceland (discount grocer)
  • Sky News
  • Cathedral City (cheese manufacturer)
  • PG Tips (tea bags)
  • Richmond Sausages


  • BBC iPlayer
  • Instagram
  • London Underground
  • Spotify
  • AirBnB
  • LinkedIn
  • Virgin Trains
  • Twitter
  • Easy Jet

So, yes, it would appear “Exiters” were all home cooking sausages with instant gravy and having a nice cup of tea, while “Remain” fans were all digitally-savvy and planning their next European holiday.

However, it wasn’t all “chalk and cheese” and “us and them”. The two groups also had similar loyalty to some brands. They included Money Saving Expert, (child protection advocates) NSPCC, (fashion chain) TK Maxx and Marks & Spencers.

Commenting on the study’s findings, Emily James, a branding executive at London agency RKCR/Y&R, said that results highlighted the traditional values of “Leave” voters.

“They are all examples of brands that champion something of importance to a wide range of people – whether it is protecting those who are vulnerable, or getting good quality at great prices,” James told the UK’s The Telegraph.

“If the Government manages to set out a progressive, visionary and intelligent strategy, but deliver it in a simple, straightforward and down to earth manner, then maybe it really could be on the way to building One Nation Britain.”

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