Revealed: What You Should And Shouldn’t Wear To Work

Revealed: What You Should And Shouldn’t Wear To Work

Let’s face it, agency land might be great for coming up with ads to sell stuff, but in the fashion stakes it lags a long way behind more tailored and coiffured industries.

Sure, it likes to portray itself as young, casual and progressive but for most parts jeans, trainers and a Zara or H&M top appears to be in the industry uniform of choice.

However, a new survey out of the UK has revealed what your colleagues think of how you dress and what they believe is appropriate office attire.

Sure, it wasn’t solely focused on creative/media industries, but the internet-baed market research firm YouGov report (read all the results here) found that “too casual” was a definite office sartorial no-no.

The report’s chief findings included:

• 87 per cent said it was fine that blokes didn’t wear ties. However, eight per cent said it was unacceptable.

• 74 per cent said short skirts were fine (defined as “above the knees”), but 19 per cent said it was an office no-no.

• 61 per cent said wearing sandals was okay, but 33 per cent baulked at seeing a workmate’s hairy toes and tinea. However, three quarters of respondents agreed that the humble thong had no place at work.

• 56 per cent said men should never wear shorts to work, while 37 per cent were cool with the idea.

• 73 per cent agreed that a singlet or ‘wife beater’ was not acceptable, but 21 per cent said it was acceptable (we’re assuming these people work on building sites).

• 72 per cent said a hoodie should never be seen in the corporate environment, while one in five were fine with the hideous jumper-come-hat.

• 82 per cent wanted baseball caps banned forever, while a paltry 11 per cent said they were comfortable with colleagues wearing them.

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