Revealed: The Most In-Demand IT Jobs

Revealed: The Most In-Demand IT Jobs

IT jobs routinely rank near the very top of US job site’s annual Jobs Rated report (read it here), and in its new report, CareerCast ranks the Best Jobs in IT of 2017, with information security analyst, software engineer and computer Systems Analyst topping the list.

Great opportunities in IT exist across a variety of platforms, throughout most – if not all – industries, and job seekers with different skill sets can find employment.

“Information technology plays a central role in almost every American’s daily life, and impacts the vast majority of the world,” says Kyle Kensing, online content editor, CareerCast. “The proliferation of technology fuels the economic and job market landscapes, with careers in IT presenting some of the most promising opportunities of the foreseeable future.”

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One of the top IT jobs, web developer, has a growth outlook estimated at 27 per cent by 2024. Much of this growth outlook is fuelled by the growing demand for mobile-friendly site design and usability.

In late 2016, StatCounter released findings that 51.3 per cent of all internet users in October 2016 used mobile devices, marking the first time ever that mobile usage outpaced desktop. As tablets and smartphones become more prevalent, that trend will continue.

Software designed to meet the needs of changing user practices are in-demand and top software engineers/developers can command an annual median salary of $US102,280. With the burgeoning growth of AI in all facets of our lives, there is a growing need for Software Engineers.

Information security aanalyst is a relatively new field tracked in the Jobs Rated report, but one of great importance. As more day-to-day activity is conducted online – everything from shopping, to records management, to banking, and general communication – the threat of illegal activity has become one of today’s hot-button issues.

The work of information security analysts is of 24-7 importance. To meet the exponential growth demand, there are a variety of burgeoning methods of getting started down the career path. More universities are offering degree programs specifically tailored for information security and the military has new training programs designed specifically for information security work.

In the same vein, one need not work in coding to find a great job in the industry. To translate the complexities of IT into more accessible terms, the skills of writers are in-demand, evident in the 10 per cent growth forecast for technical writers.

There are indeed many paths to a rewarding career in IT, and the Best Jobs in IT of 2017 reflects that.

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