Resident Slams Brisbane Council For Advertising on Side of Buses

Resident Slams Brisbane Council For Advertising on Side of Buses

A cranky citizen has slammed Brisbane City Council for allowing buses and CityCats to cover the vehicles with advertising.

Resident Derek Tinker voiced his horror at bus advertising when he made a formal public complaint during part of a council meeting that invited the public to address councillors.

According to a Fairfax report, Tinker said, “Why are you letting advertisers deface, degrade and totally ruin our buses with their increasing desire to plaster ads all over the place?”

“Buses now look scruffy, as if they are covered in graffiti.”

Tinker also claimed the advertising on sides of buses was highly offensive to him, adding that they are “so much in your face” that he feels both “irritated” and “imposed upon”.

“What was once a clean, smart, professionally designed corporate image is now an eyesore,” he said.

“The colours of the world outside are more muted, shapes are blurred and if you’re travelling in an unknown area, it can be hard to decipher street names, particularly if it is overcast, wet or at night.”

And while he claims both the council and advertisers had “no right” to restrict his views, public transport chairman Peter Matic assures that the advertising met all Australian standards.

“Even though, to some extent, it does reduce the vision that you have outside, there is a standard window tint and then on top of that is the display on the window,” he said.

Only three of Brisbane’s 21 CityCats had wraps over the windows, the G20 cat, the Spirit of Brisbane and the Firebirds cat.

Image: Brisbane Times

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