“Repulsive, Disappointing!” Burger King’s Chip Butty Fails To Find Few Fans

“Repulsive, Disappointing!” Burger King’s Chip Butty Fails To Find Few Fans

All the fast food giants – KFC, Burger King and Macca’s – have tried to overhaul their menus of late, offering healthier, fresher, often meat-free alternatives.

However, there’s some refreshing news for lovers of simple, hearty, heart-clogging grease emanating out of New Zealand today.

If you’re one of those strange people that like to deconstruct a Whopper or Quarter Pounder by adding your fries to the burger, you’re in luck! Burger King New Zealand unveiling a fries-only number to its menu.

Part of its Change Range Menu, the Chip Butty includes just French fries, mayonnaise and tomato sauce sandwiched between two buns.

Sadly, the cholesterol-ladened treat is only available in the Shaky Isles and sells for just $NZ2 (or $1.90 Aussie). Or, you can whack on a rasher of bacon for another 50 cents.

Describing the meal, the Burger King website said: “With crispy golden fries, mayo and ketchup, nestled between two soft buns, His Royal Fry-ness, the Chip Butty has arrived. A dish fit for a King at a price fit for everyone.”

However, online reviews of the Chip Butty haven’t been so positive that you’d think it would joining the Burger King’s menu full-time anytime soon.

“From the picture, I thought the butty would be too wet. Instead it was too dry, which is less repulsive but more disappointing, somehow. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it’s not even worth $2,” wrote one.

Another penned: “Fries in an empty bun is two dry carbs pretending to be something of substance or flavour. Yes, $2 is cheap for a piece of food. But it’s a high price to pay for something that shouldn’t exist.”

Another added: “There’s no such thing as a bad idea unless the idea is to ask people to pay for a few fries inside a bun, with a splash of ketchup and mayonnaise. A side (like fries or onion rings) can elevate a burger. But there has to be a burger to elevate.”

However, the Butty did find one fan: “I did, however, enjoy when I got to the middle of the butty and reached an almost congealed mass of fry-mayo-ketchup deliciousness.”

It’s not the first time the burger giant has experimented with fries in its burgers. In 2013, the US chain added fries to an existing Whopper. Customers didn’t take to it at all and the burger was quickly discontinued.








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