Report: Australia Scores Top 10 Finish For World’s Fastest Mobile Broadband

Report: Australia Scores Top 10 Finish For World’s Fastest Mobile Broadband

A new report into internet broadband speeds and coverage around the globe has seen Australia fair far better than many of us would have predicted.

The study by British wireless coverage mapping firm OpenSignal saw Australia ranked tenth for fastest mobile broadband in the world and 19th for coverage. You can read the full study here.

According to the report Australia had an average of 33.8Mbps in the quarter ending March this year, beating countries like Denmark (11th, 32.2Mbps), Canada (13th, 30.6Mbps) and Japan (31st, 24.5Mbps).

Singapore had the fastest broadband on the planet according to the study, with a lightning quick 45.62Mbps.

South Korea(43.4Mbps) and Hungary (42.6Mbps) rounded out the top three.

Top 20 countries for mobile speed

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However, the results weren’t all great for Australia. We actually came eighth for speed and 13th for coverage in OpenSignal’s last survey to December 31 last year.

Top 20 countries for mobile coverage

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 8.59.15 am

The problem Aussie Telco’s face is a big continent and a small population, so put in perspective we’ve fared rather well in comparison to the densely populated, smaller Asian nations.

South Korea won the title for best mobile coverage, with 96.3 per cent coverage, followed by Japan and Norway.


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