“Repeat Offender!” Hugh Sheridan Calls Out SMH’s Andrew Hornery

“Repeat Offender!” Hugh Sheridan Calls Out SMH’s Andrew Hornery

Actor, Hugh Sheridan (lead image) and a close fiend of Rebel Wilson’s has taken to Twitter to call out Sydney Morning Herald journo Andrew Hornery.

Sheridan took to Twitter and wrote, “Repeat offender! This was the most painful piece to read just after coming out. We don’t ‘Speak out’ as we are used to being taunted. So much of this article isn’t fact. You should be ashamed of the treatment of humans who choose to come out.”

Sheridan’s tweet then linked to the article Hornery wrote about Sheridan after they came “out” in 2020 when Sheridan addressed their sexuality for the first time. The actor shared that they had been with men and women, but didn’t want to label themself.  Famously, they said, “Labels are for clothes, not humans.”

In response, Hornery who identifies as a gay man wrote an article where he showed his support for labels.  He wrote: “I felt sorry for him, and after reading his essay, I still do.

“Those labels he finds so troublesome are not just intrinsic to how an individual sees themselves, but also to how the world sees us.”

Now, this conversation is probably too nuanced for the world of the internet. But it’s worth noting that Hornery and Sheridan come from two generations. Hornery probably sees representation as particularly important because he would have grown up with barely any. While Sheridan’s views are formed by a more inclusive world where people don’t have to label themselves and instead can explore who they are.

Still, that isn’t to take away from how Hornery may have made Sheridan feel. But as always I feel context is important. Hornery isn’t a straight man writing about LGBTQI+ issues in a callous and cruel way. He is a gay man weighing in on issues that impact his community and that is worth noting.

Of course, Sheridan’s accusations come after Hornery’s weekly gossip article went viral last week because he said that he had been “gazumped” by Wilson because instead of answering his questions about her relationship status, she instead chose to announce that she was in a relationship with a woman via her social media.

It led to people accusing Hornery of trying to “Out” Wilson and honestly there’s been chaos ever since.

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