Billboard Converts Air Pollution Into Discounts For Electric Cars

Billboard Converts Air Pollution Into Discounts For Electric Cars

French carmaker Renault has unveiled the “DisCO2unt Billboard”, an outdoor promotion that when air pollution goes up, the price of its electric-powered ZOE goes down, all live on a huge digital display.

The OOH campaign is located in the Romanian capital, Bucharest, reportedly one of the most polluted capitals in Europe and the most congested city on the continent.

With daily levels far exceeding the recommended limit, residents face serious health issues.

The electric Renault ZOE can help bring down air pollution. But, with Romanians seeing electric vehicles as too expensive, a lateral approach had to be found. So, pollution was turned against itself.

When air pollution went up, the price went down. To make the idea happen, Renault connected one of the largest digital displays in Europe with pollution sensors placed in high traffic areas around the city. An average was calculated and converted into discounts using a custom-made algorithm. On the billboard, the price of the Renault ZOE changed every six minutes. Anyone could claim the discounted price on the spot, using their smartphones.

The concept’s was the work of Publicis Romania and you can check out a short film of the campaign below:




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