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  • Cindy Gallop (The 3% Conference Australasia)
  • Susan David (The 3% Conference Australasia)
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Missed out on B&T‘s delivery of the inaugural 3% Conference Australasia in Sydney yesterday? Went but woke up this morning with amnesia? Well fear not, this collage of visual goodness will bring it all back.

Nearly 350 industry representatives descended upon Royal Randwick Racecourse to check out what the inaugural 3% Conference Australasia had to offer.

Curated by industry trailblazer Bec Brideson, attendees were treated to a variety of speakers from both Australia and overseas, including keynotes Lisen Stromberg, Susan David, Cindy Gallop, Anna Green and Lindsey Liensavanh.

Many thanks to our sponsors who made the event possible:

The 3% Conference Australasia sponsor block

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