The Reason Why No One is Reading Your Company Blog

The Reason Why No One is Reading Your Company Blog

Want to know the reasons why no one is bothering to read the articles posted in your company’s blog section? In this opinion piece, CEO at Webs Agency Deb Dey attempts to uncover the answers.

A company blog is an important part of any business website because it allows the business to deliver value to its readers and build its credibility as a leader in its niche. It also allows businesses to engage with customers and get valuable feedback.

However, a lot of business blogs go unread or fail to draw engagement from its readers. Building a business blog can be challenging. So far blogs have been used to share personal stories and experiences. Successful business blogs have figured out how to attract a vibrant community by not only delivering captivating content but with a voice that resonates with its readers.

If your company blog is feeling a bit left in the dust, here are several reasons why your visitors may not be as engaged in the content as you hoped, and ways to encourage activity.

The Blog Itself Is Boring

This could be because you aren’t updating it with new content often enough, or because the content that you are adding during updates isn’t interesting. Readers won’t check your site if it isn’t updated regularly. They’ll also fail to visit if the content isn’t engaging enough to make reading worthwhile.

Before writing blog posts, it is essential to think of your audience and what is appealing to them. In addition, to spice things up you can use different types of content. Video is a great way to capture the attention of your audience and a person is more likely to visit and remain on your site if there is a video to capture his or her attention than if there is only text to skim over.

The Design Isn’t Attractive

A poorly designed blog is a quick way to turn off readers. Your blog could have the most compelling content but if the design is clunky, hard to navigate and unattractive to your target audience then you could driving them away.

The same goes with the format of your content, it should include page breaks and short paragraphs that make it easier for readers to digest the information. Readers tend to like bullets or numbered lists with content that is easy to identify with a headline. It is overwhelming and difficult to read huge blocks of text.

The Blog Is Full Of Advertising

It is no secret, excessive advertisements are a turn-off to most people and for a blog it could severely affect readership. Advertisements not only annoy readers but they tend to slow down page loading times. Readers visit a blog to read content with authority.

They don’t want to come to the blog to read a sales pitch. The content on a company blog should not be regarded as another space to hound people with solicitation. Instead restrict the advertisement to the main company website and leave the blog as a space for delivering value to site visitors.

It Lacks A Voice

Just because it is a business blog does not mean that it cannot and should not have a unique voice. Like people, companies have their unique cultures and core values and this can promoted within the message of your content. Plus the company is made of up people and your readers want to know these people.

You can create a voice by featuring stories of your employees, sharing stories of community involvement activities in which your company participates in or even sharing stories of your customers.

The writing style of your blog will also give it a voice and this should be targeted to your audience. For example if you are a fashion company targeting a younger crowd, your writing style might be fresh and witty.

A company blog is a great platform for businesses to build trust and credibility amongst its readers, but too often these blogs are left deserted with little to no activity from its visitors. Readers want to read engaging content and have the opportunity to voice their opinions through comments and discussion.

Strive to build a vibrant blog for your business and in the end it could bring more traffic and interest to your business.


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