Ray Hadley And Peter Dutton Laugh At “Sexist” Song Targeting Sarah Hanson-Young

Ray Hadley And Peter Dutton Laugh At “Sexist” Song Targeting Sarah Hanson-Young

2GB radio personality Ray Hadley and immigration minister Peter Dutton have been accused of sexism over a parody song attacking greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young.

During Hadley’s interview with Dutton, the radio shock jock played a two-minute parody song of the 1984 pop song Forever Young. This isn’t the first time Hadley has played the song, he first played the parody attack back in February 2014.

The song featured some classy lyrics like “Sarah Hanson-Young is just the worst ever. She makes Bob Brown even look kinda clever.”

“Talk about a half-wit,” the song blunders on. “Sarah Hanson-Young, I don’t want to hear Sarah Hanson-Young. I’m sure she’ll be quite mad forever, forever, not clever.”

“It’s beyond my comprehension that, that she has any credibility in any major issue pertaining to our country,” Hadley said.

“You know her well, Ray, you know her well,” Dutton replied.

The Greens deputy leader Senator Larissa Waters said both men were involved in “sexist claptrap” by laughing and playing the song.

“Unfortunately this sort of pathetic attack on a young woman doing her job exceedingly well in the Parliament just demonstrates what a problem with sexism we still have in the Parliament and sadly in the nation more broadly,” Waters told a Fairfax publication.



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