Rapid VR Creates 360 Virtual Reality Film For Samsung’s World Surf League

Rapid VR Creates 360 Virtual Reality Film For Samsung’s World Surf League

Rapid VR has created a film using 360 degree camera technology, directed by renowned surf filmmaker Taylor Steele at legendary surf break Teahupo’o, Tahiti.

The immersive film features incredible footage that transports viewers right into the heart of Teahupo’o’s most dangerous barrels, giving them the opportunity to experience the thrill of surfing one of the deadliest waves in the world.

The interactive 360˚ film can now be experienced online via the new Facebook and YouTube 360 video platforms, after debuting last week at the Portugal round of the World Surf League’s Samsung Galaxy Championship Tour, where fans and athletes were able to experience it through Samsung Gear VR headsets.

Dave Prodan, World Surf League VP of communications said: “Surfing is one of the most aesthetically beautiful activities on the planet. The barrier to entry for most people is the ocean – the most dynamic and dangerous field in all of sport. Advancements in technology created the opportunity to work with inspired individuals like Taylor Steele to offer a unique and engaging window into this world using the talents of some of the world’s best surfers.”

Susannah DiLallo, executive producer and founder of Rapid VR added: “We’re at the forefront of a new medium with immersive 360 degree filmmaking. We’re excited to share this incredible surfing experience with the world through the power of virtual reality technology.”


Client: Samsung Electronics & World Surf League

Marketing Manager Samsung: Daniel Kim

VP Marketing WSL: Christopher Culbertson

EVP/General Manager Tours WSL: Graham Stapelberg


Agency: Cheil Worldwide

Surfing Account Director: SungHo Kim

Senior Art Director: Giho Lee

Senior Copy Writer: Hyerim Heo

Producer: Leon Park


Production Company: Rapid VR

Director: Taylor Steele

Head of VR: Dave Klaiber

Executive Producer: Susannah DiLallo

Director of Technology: Daniel White

Line Producer: Drew Bailey


Post Production: Rapid VR


Music Composition: Song Zu


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