It’s Radio Ratings Again! Buckle Up For All The Changes!

It’s Radio Ratings Again! Buckle Up For All The Changes!

As if the past few weeks haven’t gone fast enough, we’re already up to the third radio ratings survey for the year. There’s only eight throughout the year so we’re halfway through. Terrified yet?

In keeping with our usual roundups, check out all the movements and hotspots below, and just for fun we’re starting with Brisbane, given it was the market with the highest ad spend increase for April. The order follows the markets that had the biggest percentage increase of ad spend, according to the latest Deloitte data.



Australian Radio Network’s 97.3FM station retained the top share overall in people aged ten and over, with a share of 14.3. This was an increase from survey two of 0.5. NOVA Entertainment took out second place again with 106.9, now resting at 12.1. And ABC and Southern Cross Austereo’s HIT105 were tied in third place, with 10.7 each.


Stav and Abbey for SCA’s HIT105 dropped 1.1 this time around, with a number of other stations going up or down 0.5. However, the top three for brekkie remain unchanged from the second survey.

First: ABC612 – up 0.5 to 15.1

Second: ARN’s 97.3FM with Robin, Terry & Bob – up 0.5 to 14.0

Third: NOVA Entertainment’s 106.9 with Ash, Kip & Luttsy – down 0.3 to 11.3



ARN’s 97.3 drive show with Hughesy & Kate was more popular this time round than SCA’s Hamish & Andy and took out the top spot. And while there wasn’t massive movements elsewhere, both ABC612 and ABCFM dropped 1.1 and 0.9 respectively.

First: ARN’s 97.3 with Hughesy & Kate – up 1.5 to 15.1

Second: SCA’s HIT105 with Hamish & Andy – down 0.2 to 14.4

Third: NOVA’s 106.9 with Kate, Tim & Marty – down 0.4 to 14.1




Well, 3AW continues to reign king in everyone over ten, increasing its lead to a 16.0 share. ABC retained second place with 9.5, albeit dropping 0.5 from the survey before. And SCA’s 101.9 The Fox overtook ARN’s Gold and sneaked up to third position with a 9.0 share (up 0.7).


Following a similar pattern to overall, 3AW and ABC stayed in first and second place respectively. SCA’s 101.5 Triple M increased 1.5 and 101.9 The Fox also nabbed a 0.9 increase.

First: Macquarie’s 3AW with Ross & John – up 0.9 to 21.4

Second: ABC774 – down 1.1 to 12.5

Third: SCA’s 101.5 Triple M with The Hot Breakfast – up 1.2 to 9.5



ARN’s KIIS101.1 took a rather large hit and dropped 1.9, similarly the GOLD station dropped 1.1. However, the national radio show of Hamish & Andy remained top in the FM crew.

First: Macquarie’s 3AW with Tom Elliot – up 1.0 to 12.7

Second: SCA’s 101.9 FOX FM with Hamish & Andy – up 1.2 to 11.7

Third: NOVA’s NOVA100 with Kate, Tim & Marty – unchanged




It was NOVA919 that snagged the top spot this time round, taking the crown from the ABC. And in happy news for fans of old school music, ARN’s Mix102.3 managed to snag the second spot overall in listeners aged ten and above. Other notable changes saw SCA’s HIT107 drop 1.2 to below 10 now.


Despite NOVA winning overall, its brekkie show with Lewis & Lowe only just missed out on the top three by 0.2, just behind ARN’s MIX102.3. And SCA’s HIT107 show

First: ABC891 – down 1.2 to 16.1

Second: Fiveaa – up 2.3 to 13.3

Third: ARN’s Mix102.3 with Jodie & Soda – down 0.8 to 11.5



The biggest increase was Fiveaa adding 1.7 to its score, bringing the share up to 10.1. And ARN’s MIX102.3 also saw a health increase of 1.0.

First: NOVA919 with Kate, Tim & Marty – up 0.9 to 14.6

Second: SCA’s HIT107 with Hamish & Andy – down 0.4 to 13.2

Third: ARN’s MIX102.3 with Hughesy & Kate – up 1.0 to 12.5




Macquarie Media’s 2GB continued to have the top spot in listeners aged ten and over, and ABC was in second. However ARN’s KIIS and WSFM stations each copped a bit of flak with a 1.3 and 1.2 drop respectively. Still, KIIS remained in third place.


The ever exciting Sydney brekkie market, with much of the focus on new 2DayFM duo Rove & Sam, saw the new pair increase their share by 0.3 to 3.3. Much focus had been on whether the pair could compete with the likes of Kyle & Jackie O on rival station KIIS, and despite Kyle & Jackie O dropping 1.4 the radio veterans retained third place.

First: Macquarie Media’s 2GB with Alan Jones – down 1.1 to 14.2

Second: ABC702 – down 0.8 to 12.2

Third: ARN’s KIIS106.5 with Kyle & Jackie O – down 1.4 to 9.9



While Hamish & Andy haven’t been as big a hit in Sydney as they have been in other markets, the hilarious duo still managed to increase their share by 1.2. NOVA’s Smoothfm also had a nice increase of 1.0, but Triple J dropped again by a rather hefty 2.6.

First: ARN’s KIIS1065 with Hughesy & Kate – down 0.6 to 10.1

Second: ABC702 – unchanged at 10.0

Third: NOVA’s NOVA969 with Kate, Tim & Marty – up 0.9 to 8.7




SCA is bound to be happy given its Triple M MIX94.5 retained the top spot in people aged 10 and over (share of 14.5). NOVA’s 93.7 was in second place, again, with a share of 13.2 and Triple J nestled into third position with 11.0.


There was a switcheroo in the top two, and alongside SCA’s MIX94.5 will most likely be chuffed with a 1.1 increase.

First: NOVA93.7 with Nathan, Nat & Shaun – up 0.2 to 14.6

Second: ABC720 – down 1.3 to 14.2

Third: SCA’s MIX94.5 with Clairsy, Shane & Kymba – up 1.1 to 13.1



ARN’s 96FM had a healthy increase of 1.2 while Triple J also snagged a 1.7 jump too.

First: NOVA93.7 with Kate, Tim & Marty – up 0.6 to 15.6

Second: SCA’s MIX94.5 with Lisa & Pete – down 0.9 to 14.3

Third: SCA’s HIT92.9 with Hamish & Andy – down 0.6 to 13.3

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