Radio Most Used Media At Brekkie, While Internet Takes Over Newspapers

Radio Most Used Media At Brekkie, While Internet Takes Over Newspapers

In a blow to print newspapers, research company Roy Morgan has found more Aussies are now fiddling with their Internet enabled devices at breakfast time, rather than heading to work with slightly ink-stained fingers.

Aussies have consistently used at least one form of media during the morning meal. However, the past five years has seen access of the news via the internet increase, resting at 16.2 per cent now, up from 8.5 per cent in 2010.

Newspaper consumption over the morning toast and coffee has declined, now being the fourth most-common morning media ritual, according to Roy Morgan. It’s residing at 15.9 per cent now, down four per cent since 2010.

Roy Morgan’s general manager of media, Tim Martin, said newspaper publishers need to think carefully about what newspapers can offer.

“Internet’s strength is that it can cater to the full variety of content preferences, as a one-stop media channel for those who may want a bit of political analysis followed by something funny, a sports update and some streaming,” he said.

“To compete, newspaper publishers will need to think carefully about what print can offer—and also how to attract breakfast time browsers to their online editions.”

Radio has remained firmly at the top with 28.1 per cent of Aussies tuning in, however this is also down four per cent since 2010.

TV is still popular, sitting a comfortable second place at 23.4 per cent. It’s the only traditional medium that hasn’t dropped fairly significantly.

“Despite the dramatic increase in morning internet usage, the type of content Australians prefer at breakfast time has remained fairly stable,” added Martin. “Over half of us still want to wake up to some local, national, international or business news, with music and comedy each a consistent breakfast preference for around one in eight Australians.”


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