Radio Industry To Automate Radio Buying With New System

Radio Industry To Automate Radio Buying With New System

Commercial Radio Australia (CRA) has announced it has partnered with AudioNET to help create a fully operational automated holdings system for the industry.

The CRA Automation and Programmatic Committee, which was established in 2015 and chaired by NOVA Entertainment CEO Cathy O’Connor, selected AudioNET to create automated holding software that will allow agencies to interact with all radio stations’ traffic management systems.

The system will be the first of its kind to operate across an entire media industry in Australia, according to CRA, and will allow media agencies to view radio spots perfectly matched to their system, as well as spots that have been changed and allow them to accept the changes or query them with a station.

In addition to increasing efficiency, the automated holdings system is set to reduce the large amount of paperwork generated by the ad booking process.

The system’s software has already been developed, with testing between agencies and stations to take place in the first quarter of next year. A full industry rollout of the system is expected to be completed by the third quarter 2017.

CRA chief executive Joan Warner said the association is very pleased to be partnering with AudioNET on an exciting development for the radio industry.

“It’s an all-of-industry approach allowing automation and simplification of the interaction between the media buyer and a radio station,” she said.

AudioNET chief executive Dave Cox said the company is passionate about making radio advertising more attractive, relevant and profitable.

“Together with CRA, we’re creating solutions to allow agencies, advertisers and radio networks to seamlessly deliver effective radio campaigns,” he said.

See what NOVA Entertainment chief executive Cathy O’Connnor had to say about the new automated holdings system below:


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