Quantium Appoints Former Google APAC & Indonesia MD Tony Keusgen As Global CCO

Quantium Appoints Former Google APAC & Indonesia MD Tony Keusgen As Global CCO

Data science and artificial intelligence (AI) business Quantium, today announced that Google veteran Tony Keusgen would become its Global Chief Customer Officer (CCO) and will lead its business operations in all markets.

Keusgen, who takes up the role following 12 years leading Google across Asia Pacific, Indonesia and New Zealand, said: “Joining Quantium is an incredible opportunity to take part in a unique Australian success story and help drive it to the next level.”

“When people think about AI, for many it conjures images of robots and driverless cars, and they are part of the story, but the vast majority of AI applications are data-driven decision engines – algorithms that employ data to make quicker, more accurate and customer-focused decisions – and that’s right where Quantium is focused.

“Most CEOs will tell you that putting customers first is their number one priority but they simply can’t do that unless they are embracing data strategies. Data is the way scale businesses hear the voice of customers. It offers an opportunity to engage with them not as demographics or segments, but as individuals.

“Quantium solves so many real world problems and the opportunities are huge. Before long, every organisation will implement decision engines across the full breadth of their operations,” said Keusgen.

Established in 2002 in Australia, Quantium now has a network of 10 offices globally, including in San Francisco, Chicago, Bentonville, London, Johannesburg, Hyderabad and New Zealand and works with leading Asian and North American banks and retailers, among others.

Keusgen said: “Quantium is chosen by global leaders in pitches against the world’s best and has great credibility overseas. Having had the opportunity to spend the last few years of my career in Indonesia, I can say with some confidence that many more great Australian businesses need to look beyond their back yard because the opportunities are right there for the taking.

“There are just under 25 million people in Australia, so it’s imperative that ambitious Australian businesses should be looking to take their smarts to bigger markets. For instance, there are 263 million Indonesians right in Australia’s front yard and 166 million of them are on-line. Just think about the data opportunities that will present as the middle class continues to explode.

“Australia has many great assets, not least our location on the doorstep of the world’s largest developing economies. We are known as an honest broker, for our respect for the rule of law and our relative political independence. We can leverage these perceptions to secure a reputation as a global centre of data ethics and security and I’m confident that Quantium will lead the charge,” said Keusgen.

In addition to its data science and AI consulting business, Quantium is creating scalable products like Q.Refinery, a solution that takes raw banking data and readies it for action fast and with unparalleled features and accuracy.

Keusgen said he was about the transformative potential of the company’s current product pipeline and planned to support his new team to identify new high-value consulting assignments with the potential to generate new product opportunities.

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