QMS Media Unveils Data Platform For OOH Insights & Measurement

QMS Media Unveils Data Platform For OOH Insights & Measurement

Digital outdoor media company, QMS Media, has today launched its industry first intelligent data and insights platform DYNAMiQ, that will deliver clients a greater understanding of their audiences to more effectively plan and execute in today’s growing digital out-of-home (DOOH) sector.

The DOOH revolution is being fuelled by advertisers’ growing satisfaction in their ability to interact with increasingly active consumers, using targeted and relevant content that delivers high quality engagement.  The launch of DYNAMiQ will provide advertisers with the ability to plan, create and deliver their DOOH campaigns using the most robust, accurate and granular audience data available in the sector.

Getting to this level of accuracy and sophistication has required the first time partnering of two independent experts in their field – mobility data and intelligence solution provider DSpark and audience modelling specialists WEJUGO. Using their complementary expertise, QMS have overseen the creation of this new DYNAMiQ platform that collects and processes billions of anonymised and aggregated mobile network data points from a third of Australia’s population.

This unprecedented collection and application of smart data now gives advertisers accurate and usable insights, based on real data and analysed by hour, day, week or month. The platform also facilitates the marriage of intelligent data and dynamic creative messaging so that clients can fully optimise the efficacy of their campaigns.

QMS Media CEO, John O’Neill said: “The introduction of DYNAMiQ gives our clients access to a future proofed and powerful planning and insights tool built specifically for DOOH, with a level of accuracy and granularity never before seen in this industry.

“DYNAMiQ will deliver audience insights to help our clients creatively maximise their campaign. This is an industry game changer and one we have built based on knowing what our clients wanted in the next stage of DOOH growth.

“With over two years in planning, developing and testing, the launch of DYNAMiQ today is a huge milestone for QMS and our clients who now have a tool to help them understand audiences accurately and plan dynamic campaigns like never before.” Said Mr O’Neill.

Country head of DSpark Australia, Paul Rybicki said that mobility data has the ability to help advertisers confidently understand their exact audiences’ movement in a completely new way.

“We are delighted to work in conjunction with WEJUGO to deliver DYNAMiQ for QMS, which is a giant leap forward in how to understand relevant audience movement at each out-of-home location,” Rybicki said.

Mike Welling, Founder and CEO from WEJUGO added: “This has been a ground-breaking piece of work with QMS and DSpark to create something that has never existed before, that can revolutionise the way DOOH is planned and therefore the way an advertiser can invest. The patented algorithms and mobility data that DSpark provide, coupled with our unique visitation algorithms are the nucleus of this new DOOH audience platform – DYNAMiQ.”

Built on an intelligent future proofed cloud-based platform, QMS has ensured that DYNAMiQ has the capacity to continue to evolve its data input, functionality and insights capability as advertiser demands expand and new opportunities present themselves. DYNAMiQ is a platform that will complement MOVE, the existing industry measurement platform, and immediately becomes an integral part of DOOH planning as well as constantly evolving for the future.

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