QMS Joins #PressforProgress On International Women’s Day

  • IWD QMS lunch
  • IWD QMS lunch
  • IWD QMS lunch
  • IWD QMS lunch
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In partnership with Business Chicks, QMS Media sponsored an International Women’s Day (IWD) event last week in Sydney featuring guest speakers Clementine Ford, Tracey Spicer, Amna Karra-Hassan, along with host Yumi Stynes.

With the campaign theme for IWD being #PressForProgress, the three powerhouse speakers covered an array of topics from imposter syndrome to everyday sexism in the workplace, through to taking risks and causing disruption with the pivotal #MeToo movement that is currently taking place.

Touching on the topic of education around women’s issues, Spicer stressed the importance of starting the conversation from a young age.

“Talk to your children – language starts in the lounge room before the boardroom,” she said.

Karra-Hasaan echoed this, telling attendees: “Embrace disruption, stop asking for permission, educate and influence. Don’t expect those who don’t experience it to understand it.”

Ford sent a wave of common acknowledgement when addressing the way in which women tend to play down their career achievements.

“The one thing we do well as women is being embarrassed about our own achievements. We use the word ‘just’ to describe our success, and we need to stop this,” she said.

“Growing up, I wasn’t full enough of all the things I was supposed to be, and too full of the things I wasn’t supposed to be. But, along the way I found my voice and learned not to apologise for it.”

QMS chief marketing officer Sara Lappage said: “International Women’s Day is a time for all women, and men for that matter, to re-focus their energy and strive for ‘true’ equality in the workplace.

“It is more than just words, it is about actions that can make a difference and inspire a new generation. With this in mind, we as a business, will pledge to reverberate what Tracey, Clementine and Amna discussed in our own path to gender parity.”

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