Q&A In Deep Poop Again Over Offensive Tweet

Q&A In Deep Poop Again Over Offensive Tweet

The person monitoring the Twitter stream on Q&A might be sweating a bit this morning after a naughty Twitter handle flashed across the screen during Q&A‘s live broadcast.

The Twitter handle- @AbbottLovesAnal- made it past the censors and onto the broadcast’s Twitter stream. The error was spotted by Liberal MP Fiona Scott who tweeted out a screen grab:

The show is not having a good run at the moment; it is still recovering from the Zaky Mallah controversy, Abbott banning ministers from appearing on the program, a ratings plummet and being moved to the news division. 

Last night’s Q&A didn’t even make the Top 20 Programs list, according to OzTam figures. TV shows such as The Hot Seat, Family Feud and House Husbands all had more viewers than the panel discussion.

Twitter then exploded with outrage and chuckles over the social media blunder:

To which @AbbottLovesAnal replied:

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