PUMA And MediaMonks Take Shanghai’s Runners On Mesmerizing Adventure

PUMA And MediaMonks Take Shanghai’s Runners On Mesmerizing Adventure

Celebrating PUMA’s latest running campaign for the new Hybrid Astro, the footwear giant teamed up with creative production partner MediaMonks to develop an interactive running experience.

In the middle of one of Shanghai’s busiest squares, a pop-up pavilion invites the crowds in for a chance to test the new shoes,  whilst running through a PUMA-inspired mythical world in the form of a customized PUMA avatar.

MediaMonks created the complete interactive experience.

Far from a traditional training routine, visitors get immersed in a digital world with enchanting lore, bringing PUMA’s spirit animal to life.

The immersive game allows runners to become as lean and fast as a puma.

Moving away from leaderboards and power-ups, the experience takes you through three imaginary virtual worlds — a city, a floating island and a dense forest —  and encourages you to try the new running shoes and explore this mesmerizing adventure at your own pace.


MediaMonks Shanghai EP/head of productions, Sanne Drogtop said: “PUMA’s brief focused on the beauty and fun of ‘running your own way’, stripping away the competitive tone of most running campaigns.

“That freedom led to a truly engaging fantasy world for runners to just enjoy, channeling their run by becoming an ‘actual’ puma.

“It’s been great to work with the PUMA team on bringing this innovative trialing experience to fruition! A great example of how technology enhances creativity.”

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