PubMatic Releases New Programmatic Solution For Mobile

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Digital technology company PubMatic today announced it has released its OpenWrap SDK to unlock the potential of header bidding for mobile in-app advertising.

OpenWrap SDK is a lightweight mobile SDK [software development kit] for app publishers that seamlessly enables multiple demand sources through server-side header bidding technology built on Prebid.

By moving away from the traditional ad network model and embracing in-app header bidding with OpenWrap SDK, the popular sports resource Scores App was able to see tremendous results—doubling eCPM rates, and exceeding their CPM goals by 35 per cent. Scores App earned 5 per cent incremental revenue in just the first 8 weeks.

PubMatic’s header bidding capabilities deliver innovative programmatic technology to a largely nascent area of the market. In a single integration point, the entire network of brands, advertisers, exchanges, and brand safety partners are available in a stable, cloud-based format.

“OpenWrap SDK removes the barriers of integrating multiple demand partners, meeting measurability requirements, and fixing poor user experiences with server-side header bidding technology,” said PubMatic senior vice president of product management Nishant Khatri.

“Many app developers have struggled while trying to build in-app header bidding solutions on their own due to lack of expertise and technical specialization in programmatic. With PubMatic, publishers get a unified, streamlined technology that maximizes performance and revenue.”

“Through OpenWrap SDK, we have been able to seamlessly integrate new demand partners, resulting in increased revenue and very competitive CPMs. Service and consultation has also been outstanding. Together, the PubMatic team and platform have allowed us to spend less time managing our ad monetization and focus more on creating and delivering quality apps.” ScoresApp CEO Jim DeFalco.

OpenWrap SDK addresses the challenges of non-programmatic in-app ad methods like ad networks and waterfalls, which create issues when integrating multiple demand partners, meeting measurability requirements, and reducing pass backs. As a result, mobile publisher technical issues arise such as SDK bloat from multiple integrations and facing latency issues, all of which lead to poor end-user experience.


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