PubMatic And Captify Sign Deal Allowing Marketers To Activate Online Search Data

PubMatic And Captify Sign Deal Allowing Marketers To Activate Online Search Data

Premium digital technology company PubMatic has announced a partnership with Captify that will enable advertisers to activate online search data and target audiences in private programmatic ad marketplaces in Australia and New Zealand.

The new offering from Captify, Programmatic Search Intelligence (PSI)  uses Captify’s dynamic and live audiences – built from billions of real-time onsite searches – and overlays that data into PubMatic’s premium publisher inventory to activate targeted audiences across a range of media, such as video and display. The global partnership enables brands to curate private marketplaces, and includes Australia and New Zealand.

The partnership will utilise PubMatic’s Audience Encore, an identity platform designed to improve how marketers transact on audience data by giving them access to premium omni-channel inventory layered with quality data. Activation is simple; like in a standard PMP deal, marketers can use their existing workflows and transact through the demand-side platform (DSP) of their choice.

“Captify brings a diverse and premium group of advertisers to the PubMatic platform,” said PubMatic regional director Australia and New Zealand Peter Barry.

“High-performing search data is a valuable inroad to partnerships with big brands and, as the industry leader in search intelligence, Captify’s intent-driven data is highly respected and sought after by our premium buying partners.”

Captify SVP of global partnerships Matthew Papa said the partnership brings Captify ever closer to achieving its mission to make search data accessible across all channels and beyond the walled gardens.

“As a premium global media brand, PubMatic aligns perfectly with Captify’s vision to deliver data-led innovation to the market and shares in our commitment to deliver this with brand safety, transparency and trust for our advertiser clients,” said Papa.

He also said that more than 800 brands globally use Captify’s Search Intelligence to drive uplift for media and marketing strategies.

Partnering directly with over 1,300 publishers across more than six million web sites, Captify’s Semantic Technology collects and connects billions of monthly intent signals from the world of search that exists outside


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