Publicis One Creates Sneakers Made From Recycled Chewing Gum

Publicis One Creates Sneakers Made From Recycled Chewing Gum

Amsterdam Metropolitan Area has officially launched Gumshoe, sneakers with soles made from chewing gum taken from the streets of Amsterdam.

With this initiative, the city is not only fighting the gum litter problem but also making it cleaner and more appealing at the same time.

Next to making a statement to make locals and visitors more aware of the chewing gum nuisance.

Every year about 1.5 million kilos of chewing gum finds its way on to the streets of the Netherlands. Cleaning the gum costs Dutch municipalities millions of euros.

Besides the fact that chewing gum pollutes Amsterdam’s streets, animals also suffer from it.

It takes 20 to 25 years before chewing gum is completely gone and many animals suffocate in the waste.

By stimulating “Amsterdammers” with a surprising innovation in the form of a special Amsterdam sneaker, Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is trying to create awareness.

Chewing gum appears to be very suitable material to make a new type of rubber.


Publicis One in collaboration with Gum-Tec® developed the gumshoes for Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.

They are designed by local shoebrand Explicit Wear and have the map of Amsterdam on its sole. Instead of chewing gum, Amsterdammers can now leave their mark in the capital with a footprint.

“We are committed every day to offer people a good recreation, living and working experience in the capital of the Netherlands,” explains Mustafa Tanriverdi of Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.

“Our city has a lot to offer, especially when the streets are clean. Chewing gum on the streets bothers many people, but it is still thrown on the street.”

“It is time to change that. Adding extra rules and restrictions to reduce the chewing gum problem would be at odds with our mission. With these sneakers we make people part of the problem, or rather of the solution! In this way we have much more impact. ”

“The surprise factor of the Gumshoe is an important aspect of this campaign” explains Mischa Schreuder, creative director at Publicis One.

“Amsterdam Metropolitan Area wants to show people all the beauty the city has to offer. More rules and regulations to fight the chewing gum problem would only be contrary to their mission. Eventually it’s all about experiencing the city at its best.”

“That’s why we want to surprise and inspire Amsterdam locals with the Gumshoe. In addition to increasing awareness, this will also create sympathy and genuine motivation to solve the chewing gum problem together. This way, we will gain much more impact.”


City council member Marijn Bosman emphasizes: “Amsterdam is a city to be proud of. And a city that we want to keep clean. The municipality cannot do it alone, and that is why we embrace creative initiatives such as these to keep the city clean and liveable.”

“Because the challenges of pollution are also the engine of innovation. Gumshoe is a good example and makes locals aware of the chewing gum problem in our city in a creative way.”

The Gumshoes will be on sale at the end of June here.

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