In-House Comms Earn More Than Those In Agencies: Industry Report

In-House Comms Earn More Than Those In Agencies: Industry Report

If you’re a communications practitioner working in-house for a company, chances are your salary is more than your counterparts in communications agencies. At least, that’s the takeout from the latest Asia Pacific public relations industry report from network Public Affairs Asia.

Across the APAC region, the report suggested the average staffer in an in-house role has a salary of $US142,000 ($AUD185,219), compared to the average agency staff who’s salary comes to $US106,657 ($AUD139,119).

On the flip side, the report suggested those who are at similar senior roles in agencies out-earn their counterparts in-house.

The average salary for agencies excluded CEOs and c-suite execs. The in-house average salary though included senior professionals. A small number of the top earners in the in-house sector have salaries exceeding $US300,000. As well, the averages were taken from practitioners in the mid-range to senior levels.

The report was developed in conjunction with talent resource agency Prospect. The report encompasses interviews with 40 communications practitioners across APAC and a survey of 356 responses.

Still, while this might prove sour reading for those who work in agencies, if you’re not at the senior level that is, the average salary across the communications industry is on the rise.

Across the APAC region, the average salary has increased 5.5 per cent to $US130,703 ($AUD170,483). Australia had the highest salary of $US160,233 ($AUD209,001).

But again, this is not indicative of entry-level salaries.

“It’s no great surprise that the link between length of career, seniority and salary remains unbroken in the region,” said the report.

“Average salaries across sectors continue to rise in line with the length of the respondent’s career in communications or corporate affairs.”

Gender pay gap

There’s no shortage of conversation around the pay disparity between men and women in the industry. Our salary survey in 2015 found that men don’t think there’s a pay gap, but women do.

In this report, the constant chatter about the issue has seen many agencies attempt to do something about it.

But the industry is finding it difficult to resolve.

“While the underlying factors are complex, including the fact that many women take career breaks to bring up children and may in some cases be trailing their spouses, the gap between what men and women earn remains significant,” said the report.

The data from Public Affairs Asia shows on average men in the communications industry earn an average salary of $US143,216 ($AUD186,805). Women earn $US115,102 ($AUD150,134).

The study also noted that even though more women go into the PR agency world, there are more men in leadership positions across the APAC region.

Download the full report here.

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