The Project Furore: Steve Price Says I’m “A Big Boy” As “Bullying” Petition Hits 30,000

The Project Furore: Steve Price Says I’m “A Big Boy” As “Bullying” Petition Hits 30,000

Radio commentator Steve Price returned to The Project last night and told viewers he didn’t need their sympathy following a claim he was victim of “leftist bullying”. 

Meanwhile, a petition to force the show to apologise to Price has reportedly garnered over 30,000 signatures.

Price appeared on the program last Thursday to discuss the US Presidential election. He clearly had a pro-Trump agenda and was shot down by other panellists who were outspoken in the enthusiasm for the defeated Clinton. Viewers were outraged about Price’s treatment.

However, Price said on last night’s program that he didn’t want people’s sympathy and knew nothing of the origins of the petition.

“A lot of people have been outraged on my behalf today,” Price told viewers.

“Someone started a petition that I know nothing about, and media have been reporting stories I have been somehow bullied on this show last Wednesday night, the election special.”

“I don’t feel I was bullied at all. I’m a big boy. I can look after myself. Let’s get on with the program.”

Meanwhile, Fairfax Media has weighed into the debate. Yesterday, its correspondent Clementine Ford made her views clear with a column titled, “A message to Steve Price and his supporters: grow up and get over it“. While a column by Karl Quinn took a contrary view under the headline, “Why I’m with Steve Price on the Jamila Rizvi stoush on The Project”.

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