Politician Goes Viral After Doing TV Interview Half-Naked

Politician Goes Viral After Doing TV Interview Half-Naked

A Jordanian politician has found unwanted global social media fame after he was busted doing a live TV Skype interview with no trousers.

Majid Asfour was being interviewed by the Al-Jazeera news network over the the recent shootings at the Israeli embassy in Amman.

Neatly dressed in a shirt, tie and jacket, Asfour – a former editor-in-chief of a Jordanian newspaper – did the interview on a couch with his laptop perched on pillows; however, decided to ditch the pants apparently due to the oppressive heat.

Asfour would have gotten away with his on-air undie-run, too, had his son not filmed him doing the spot sans any slacks and then posting the video to Twitter.

However, Asfour managed to find the funny side of the affair, telling the Jordan Times that the incident was the first time in his distinguished media and political career that he’d got any fame.

He told the paper: “The temperature in Amman was above 30C and I was at home, so I decided to wear a jacket, a shirt and go on air like this.”

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