Pokemon Go Used In Immigration Post-Brexit Campaign

Pokemon Go Used In Immigration Post-Brexit Campaign

The latest in the Pokemon Go craze is a post-Brexit campaign to help European Union residents living in Great Britian. Iconic London landmarks have been plastered with flier campaigns calling for the deportation of ‘illegal’ Pokemon characters.

The #PokemonGoHome campaign directs people to a website and petition which demands, post-Brexit, that EU citizens should be able to stay in the UK with the same rights following the referendum. The posters have been blanketed across London landmarks.

A petition submitted to the UK Government and Parliament has over 5,000 signatures, the petition will need at least 10,000 signatures to garner a response from the government. The petition reads:

“Allow EU citizens to remain in the UK after exit from the EU with same rights. EU citizens who study or work and pay taxes in the UK are a fundamental part of society. The UK would not be able to function without the taxes paid in by the EU immigrants. Their rights should also not be decreased if they’ve been paying in for years.”

David Felton, the copywriter behind #PokemonGoHome told the Standard: “Following Britain’s decision to leave the EU, more than half a million people won’t meet the residency requirements needed to stay if Article 50 is triggered next year.

“They are in a very difficult and worrying situation, but not many people are actually talking about it. I thought that by almost ‘brandjacking’ the Pokémon craze we could raise awareness of this issue.”


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