Piracy Copyright Notice Takes Down Studio’s Own Film

Piracy Copyright Notice Takes Down Studio’s Own Film

An anti-piracy firm working for Columbia Pictures has served YouTube site Vimeo with a takedown notice after it posted the actual trailer for ‘comedy’ film Pixels.

Entura International, the anti-piracy firm, has been putting a blanket copyright infringement notice on any YouTube clip which even mentions the word ‘pixel’.

The move was aimed at eliminating any pirated versions of the film being posted online, despite the fact that the film has bombed at the box-office.

According to IMDB, Pixels is about aliens who misinterpret video feeds of classic arcade games as a declaration of war and attack Earth in the form of the video game.

The only actual footage of Pixels which has been removed on Vimeo was the film’s trailer.  The takedown notice lists the official Pixel trailer as violating the copyright of Columbia Picture. Opps.


According to TorrentFreak the copyright notice has affected several different productions which don’t even reference the film. The copyright notice has disabled access to indie productions, an art-focused NGO, an award winning short film (which inspired the feature film) and royalty free stock footage.  

The trailer has since been restored, the other YouTube clips affected by the takedown have not.

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