Pill Testing Australia And Dylan Harris Collaborate On New Short Film

Pill Testing Australia And Dylan Harris Collaborate On New Short Film

Director Dylan Harrison, former DDB Sydney ECD, has collaborated with Pill Testing Australia to create a film to help support and drive conversation around pill testing at festivals.

Harrison said: “The statistics around avoidable drug related casualties in Australia are tragic.

“Working with Pill Testing Australia, we sought to create a social asset to drive conversation, targeting decision makers, policy makers and parents, rather than young people themselves.

“For many young people, drug taking is not a crime, but a right of passage.

“Hopefully this film helps bring some humanity back to the conversation, reminding audiences of their impressionability and vulnerability.”

Watch the short film below:

Pill Testing Australia head of marketing, Tim Harvey said: “Pill Testing Australia applauds the creativity of Dylan Harrison for producing a very relevant and strong community service announcement around this important harm reduction strategy.

“The fact that members of the Australian public like Dylan feel so motivated to play an active role in advocating for pill testing to be introduced, is incredibly rewarding for all the public health practitioners and volunteers involved with our work.

“The Australian model of pill testing has been designed to interact with people who are about to consume an unknown substance, and this has been captured so poignantly by Dylan.”

Harvey added: “We are looking forward to sharing his incredible work with our stakeholders and the general public through our social media platforms and website.”

For further information about pill testing, visit www.pilltestingaustralia.com.au.


Client: Pill Testing Australia
Head of marketing: Tim Harvey
Production Company: Hooligan Collective
Director: Dylan Harrison
Producer: Ash McLeod
DOP: Jason White
Post-production: Vandal
Colourist: Daniel Pardy
Sound design: Nigel Crowley
Music composer: Stephen Francis

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