The Glitz, The Glamour, The Tears! It’s All The Photos From B&T’s Women In Media Awards!

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  • WIM-0034-DSC_9908
  • WIM-0033-DSC_9896
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  • WIM-0030-DSC_9859
  • WIM-0029-DSC_9848
  • WIM-0028-DSC_9845
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It was a fancy shindig on Friday evening, when the industry’s finest gathered at Sydney’s Royal Randwick Racecourse to celebrate the brilliant achievements of women in advertising, marketing, media and public relations. A total of 14 winners were announced, as well as the popular People’s Choice and Woman of the Year, not to mention our esteemed Power List.

You can see the full winners story here, including their fabulous illustrations provided by Bauer Media, as well as the Power List top 30 here.

And above, of course, are all of our fantastic snaps from the evening, including all the fresh-faced winners, listed below!

2016 Women in Media Winners:

Community/Pro-bono: Ali Krzyszton, Bauer Media

Creative: Elle Bullen, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne

Digital: Susannah George, The Urban List Group

Employer: REA Group Ltd

Entrepreneur: Lorraine Murphy, The Remarkables Group

Journalist / Producer: Brodee Myers-Cooke, NewsLifeMedia

Marketing: Rebecca Tos, Dentsu Aegis Network ANZ

Media Agency: Elizabeth Geor, CHE Proximity

Mentor: Kylie Green, MKTG

Public Relations: Vanessa Liell, N2N Communications

Rising Star: Samantha Cable, Leo Burnett

Sales: Kate Day, NOVA Entertainment

Strategy: Sophie Price, UM Australia

Technology: Ally Watson, Deepend

People’s Choice: Anne Gruber, Nine Entertainment Co.

Woman of the Year: Rebecca Tos, Dentsu Aegis Network ANZ

Thanks again to all our sponsors who made the evening such a success!


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