PHOTOPLAY Director Jasmin Tarasin Translates Fashion to Film for Bianca Spender

PHOTOPLAY Director Jasmin Tarasin Translates Fashion to Film for Bianca Spender

PHOTOPLAY’s Jasmin Tarasin has recently directed a cinematic brand film for fashion designer Bianca Spender. The film supports the brand’s continual expansion and coincides with the launch of new stores, including the recent opening of a Melbourne based flagship store.

Titled Wanderland, the film is a collaboration between the filmmaker and fashion designer and represents the heart of the Bianca Spender brand through Tarasin’s use of abstract camera positioning, intimate framing and strong choreographic direction.

Working closely with DOP Josh Flavell and Sydney Dance Company performer Marlo Benjamin, Tarasin experiments with form, texture and motion to explore the correlation between fashion design and the natural world: how patterns and repetition in nature inform design and how design influences the way our bodies move.

“When Bianca designs, she takes into consideration how a garment moves on the body and how it interacts organically within an environment,” Tarasin said. “She creates the work by hand, with every piece personally crafted. This artform, and the individuality of how she places a range together, is what drew me to her work.”

Exploring the effect of fashion in our daily lives, Tarasin’s observations of the artisan’s approach to style and design can also be viewed in her series ‘The Closet Tales of Australian Fashion’; a four-part documentary featuring the working lives of Australia’s fashion elite.

Says PHOTOPLAY executive producer Oliver Lawrance: “It’s wonderful to see this unique collaboration for Jasmin, Bianca Spender and the artists on this project. Jasmin’s eye for beauty in the everyday fits perfectly to the textual world of Bianca Spender’s fashion, it’s such a graceful and engaging film.”

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