Peugeot Unveils Global ‘Unboring The Future’ Campaign Via BETC Paris

Peugeot Unveils Global ‘Unboring The Future’ Campaign Via BETC Paris

The future of cars is looking increasingly autonomous – cars where technology takes care of everything, even the driving. Practical for sure, but many people still enjoy being in control of the wheel. So why choose?

Peugeot presents its new vision #UnboringTheFuture. A future that reinvents the pleasure of driving and offers the freedom of choosing how to cruise and turns each journey into a unique experience.

The first proof of this vision is Peugeot’s new concept car Peugeot e-Legend Concept. One hundred per cent electric, the car offers four different modes of driving, autonomous as well as manual. This concept car is real, tangible and free of all constraints.

To launch the vehicle, BETC Paris created a 60 secondfilm, directed by Elias Ressegatti and produced by CREAM. The energetic film is fast-paced and rhythmic and shows the driver enjoy the different features of the car as she rides through the night to the tunes of KCPK’s “Who wants it”.


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