Personal brand building for marketers

Personal brand building for marketers

As a marketing business your role is to promote your client’s brand and to help sell their products or services, but what about your own brand?

It’s a great strategy to promote your own business to improve your reputation, attract potential clients and grow the business.

You can use PR strategies to help you achieve this and build your profile as an expert in the marketing industry.

Here are some strategies you can use to promote your marketing business.

Promote achievements: There are many industry awards in the marketing sector which your business can enter. Awards are a great opportunity to showcase your business and be recognised for your achievements.

If you are nominated or win an award it can kick-start your PR strategy to promote your business. These strategies include sending out a media release to announce your win, posting about it on social media, include it in your enewsletter and on your website. You could also pitch your spokesperson to relevant media as an expert to comment on the particular topic you won the award for.

Using PR strategies to promote your award win can help you stand out from your competitors, boost your credibility and reputation.

Write expert articles or opinion pieces: Some publications in the marketing industry will accept a well-written expert article from a marketing professional. Some of these publications also have an opinion section where marketing professionals can comment on a current issue in the marketing industry or a particular campaign.

Before drafting an article check the publication’s editorial guidelines to help you write it in the appropriate format. Getting expert articles published in marketing publications can help to boost your profile as a marketing expert.

Media pitches: Pitching a story idea to a relevant journalist is a great strategy to gain a media interview or media coverage. A pitch is usually an email detailing a potential story idea and sent to a journalist who would likely be interested in the story.

You can leverage current events to pitch yourself to a journalist to interview about the marketing industry. For example, with the Federal election coming up you could pitch yourself as an expert to comment on the marketing strategies of the political candidates.

Speaking opportunities: Public speaking is an effective strategy to position yourself as an expert in the marketing industry and build your profile. There are many marketing events and conferences you can pitch yourself to as a potential speaker on your area of expertise. Speaking at an event can give you automatic credibility on your subject matter and allow you to reach an audience of potential customers or clients.

Case studies: Case studies are short explanations of a project your business has worked on for a client or customer. They describe a problem, show how you achieved a solution and detail the results you achieved. Your company may have worked on some interesting campaigns for your clients and achieved great results. You can then write a case study about this campaign and use PR strategies to publicise it. 

You can pitch case studies to relevant media; use them on your website, social media profiles, speaking opportunities and more. Case studies are a great way to promote your business, build your credibility and position your business as an expert. 

Implement some of these PR strategies into your business today and start building your own brand and reputation.

Catriona Pollard is the director of CP Communications.

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